Sicherungs-Bataillon 869 Woronzowo, Russia 1942
I am portraying a schutze of Sicherungs-Batallion 869. Near Leningrad, in a town called Woronzowo. The units was tasked with setting up an outpost and conduct patrols with the growing threat of partisans in mid August, 1942.[Image: 431114-E0-6-BFB-4865-B2-A8-121-A7-D35-CD5-C.jpg]

[Image: 6-C18-C766-E3-C8-4733-AF58-B7130252-E218.jpg][Image: 4-AB366-D9-44-D6-4-D7-B-99-EA-9-EFE0841-F25-B.jpg]
Gefreiter Hans Schörner of SR195

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