Started filling out a Soldbuch
I started on a Soldbuch for one of my soldaten. I gave them an option to either purchase a Soldbuch, or I would provide one for free of lesser quality. So I started on one of the guy's that don't mind the white pages and smooth cover. 

This is my first Soldbuch I've filled out. I've done a lot of practicing and still have a long ways to go as far as handwriting, etc (Obviously). But so far, I'm happy with how it's looking. It'll improve as I go, I'm sure. 

I also misspelled Brillentrager... What would a period correction look like? I was not happy with myself when I did that.. But I'm sure it happened.


[Image: Quentin-Soldbuch-page-2.jpg]
[Image: Quentin-Soldbuch-page.jpg]

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I think it looks great
Tip - Use multiple types of ink and ink, and different pens, both refills and inks with different types of tips.

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