Ranks and awards - Ep. 24
Too many ranks and too many awards is something all of us has experienced. But how should you actually do it? Tune in and find out!

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"I killed a dog so smart and rare, touched his techni-coloured hair"
Unit commander of The Division - Living History Reenactment Group
I just finished this podcast and one idea that stuck with me is the aknowledging group members commitment to the unit. I belong to a unit that still follows the old style of events and actions giving "points" that eventually translate in common german awards. Its completely true, as explained in the podcast, that this ends up translating into the hardcore members ending up as Gefreiters with iron crosses, close combat badges, etc which makes it look silly and very unhistoric. The "good" solution to this is the compromise of wearing this extra bling only on our "gala ocasions" such as dinners, parades, etc which are a friend/comrade get together just for own consumption. In such a scenery these awards become just in-unit recognition and does not translate into wearing this in actual events in the field.

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