Volkshandgranate 45 (grenade mod. 1945)
Great reproduction of Volkshandgranate 45 "People's hand grenade mod. 1945".
Body was made out of concrete. All is reproduction, no dangerous or prohibited parts!

Price for one is 45 USD + 10 USD shipping. I can send it just in Europe.

More informations about VHG45: https://weaponews.com/weapons/30030-hand...rmany.html[Image: vhg45-1.jpg]

[/url][Image: vhg45-2.jpg]

[Image: vhg45-3.jpg]

[Image: vhg45-4.jpg]

[Image: vhg45-5.jpg]

[Image: vhg45-6.jpg]

[url=https://weaponews.com/weapons/30030-hand-grenade-volkshandgranate-45-germany.html][Image: vhg45-7.jpg]
Still available?

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