Corona-vacation and Reenacting Projects
Had some canvas around so I made a set of the 2nd version of the rifle grenade bags. I have some of the earlier style that I got from Schuster. The internal pockets couldn’t hold full 5rd stripper clips. I’ve fixed that on my version. Just realized that I attached the connecting strap wrong. It’s supposed to go up, not to the sides. Oops. I need to buy a longer piece of strap for that anyway so I will fix that eventually. I had the canvas from another project, leather scraps are always on hand, & the buckles from my spare parts kit. No money spent. I’m mostly happy. I’d do some things differently if I ever did this again.

[Image: 094-A2-E32-F0-AF-4-C29-A4-AB-B4-A8213-BEF77.jpg]

[Image: 8747-A86-E-A54-C-457-D-A273-E5639-E0-E9-E69.jpg]

[Image: C279-A93-F-4-B69-46-A5-AF8-D-01-F91-AF2-B1-F4.jpg]

I accidentally dropped wax on some spots. I was using a candle to burn thread ends and dropped it everywhere. It will wear off on its own.
Not a new project but one I’ve finally finished. This is the 5th one I’ve built. Promised to a friend almost 2 years ago so no excuses. I had to finish it. I’ll hopefully see him in September at an event if all goes as planned. It’s meant to hold a blue tooth speaker. 

Made of 1/4” abs plastic sheet. Textured side is hidden inside. Everything is fake. Just a hollow box. The dials are knobs that press onto bolts. The tuner is a sliver cut off of a bakelite radio dial from eBay. Just glued in place. Rear panel is sheet metal held in place by magnets. I really like the paint color. It’s called Kona Brown. Fabric is affixed with Barge cement. It’s great even if they took out the good stuff (toluene). I built up the rings for the eagle detail out of hobby shop styrene sheet. The eagle itself is metal from a long service award. Perfect size. 

[Image: 6889-D1-BF-D9-AF-4765-AFDB-AF37-B00-FA04-A.jpg]

[Image: 6-F417-D0-E-A37-F-4-C0-D-BD70-F118-AC326-D27.jpg]

[Image: 9-FA2-F557-8716-4-F53-8-DD9-F2512-BFFE6-A0.jpg]

[Image: BE05934-D-B151-4-BBF-A1-A1-4142-B9-B52070.jpg]

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