Repro tunics gallery thread - Show us your feldbluse!
Schuster's SS M40 ""SS Regiment "Der Fuhrer"  2th SS division ""
[Image: IMG-0718.jpg]
Neat looking bluse!
(05-17-2020, 02:30 PM)Frz_Freiwilligen Wrote: Neat looking bluse!
Old Sturm feldbluse I got from Hessen back in 2008 , Elsenau shoulder boards , original buttons , original insignia , original breast eagle , reproduction SR195 shoulder board slips. I’m replacing the litzen with some pre - folded Elsenau mid war ones once they ship to the States. Bluse has been sweater shaved , along with using a BIC Razor. But you can see the weave in locations on the garment from years of use. Any suggestions on more modification ?
[Image: 766-F8937-9463-4851-8-E6-A-3816262-F75-AC.jpg]

[Image: C32-AF41-E-1949-42-F5-BEE7-DADF4-A7541-D3.jpg]
[b]Günter Rapp[/b]
Second model Heer tropical tunic from Military Harbor. Heavily aged/faded by me. Its badged for the 20th Field Division (Luftwaffe) in Italy, summer 1944.[Image: 20200522-213353.jpg]
[Image: 9-C014-D3-F-78-E2-4-F61-8588-EA5592-FEE59-C.jpg]

[Image: D0-D4-F536-C3-E9-4633-BA8-C-98036-AA16-B6-F.jpg]Schuster m40 feldbluse
[Image: F362-EEBA-B3-EA-40-C9-A097-A1-FA6-FEB7856.jpg]
Gefreiter Hans Schörner of SR195

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