Rifle grenades
I tend to err on the side of safety. Call it professional responsibility or professional liability.

I have read about fireworks/pyrotechnicians impregnating cardboard tubes kind of like you describe. These tubes I bought are used for single use mortars in the real world. I have plenty of wood glue around so I may try that. It’s similar enough to white glue. It bonds cardboard to itself really well and to wood also.

Basically what you’ve described is kind of like the container that the orange losantin bottle is carried in. A glue or resin impregnated cardboard tube/box. I’ve been thinking about trying my hand making one of those for fun.
For blanks I'm currently using Austrian 7,62X51 red tip or green tip blanks. Plenty of range, but less power than full 8mm blanks, or even the black plastic surplus. I've tried the green plastic, but they're too weak. Austrian is somewhere in between.
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Thanks for the idea. I’ve asked around & a friend has some 7.62x51 blanks I can mooch. I need to see how they feed in my Mauser. Or more importantly how they extract. If they work I can readily get them from Atlantic Wall Blanks in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, & full power loads. Which I can’t find 8mm blanks in reduced loads. I had been looking at 30-06 in hopes reduced loads of those could work too but the case length Is an issue.

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