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Hi all. My name is Aidan and I'm from Ireland. I reenact early war 2nd panzer division (schutzen regiment 2). Just trying to better my impression as much as possible for the coming season. I also reenact Irish Guards from time to time.
That sounds cool, Schneider! How's the reenactment scene in Ireland? And welcome!
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(04-22-2020, 07:26 AM)Erwin Kretschmer Wrote: That sounds cool, Schneider! How's the reenactment scene in Ireland? And welcome!
Thanks. The re-enactment scene here is unfortunately almost exclusively public events( in trying to get smaller private ones going) . There is a fairly big group that does private events but they reenact SS. Also firearms laws here are very restrictive. They recently practically banned ‘blank fire rifles’ ( with a pin through the barrel). Live fire licenses are very difficult to procure, I’ve personally been denied for no good reason. The reenactors are mainly a good bunch of lads with a dedication to authenticity.(mostly). The hobby is kinda small so  forming a heer unit isn’t easy ( but I’m working on it ). I haven’t been to an event in Northern Ireland yet although I do plan to as it seems like there is more there.
Great job with the podcast btw.
Hello to everyone I’m Alan from Northern Ireland I’m a  New member of FJR6 I’m still collecting my equipment . A bit about my self I served in the British army as a pioneer which is now sadly disbanded so I have a interest in pioneer tools and equipment
Hello! My name is James Fortner. I reenact in Japan with Lueders Kaserne in Japan. I'm actually the only non Japanese Native in the unit.[Image: IMG_1527.PNG][Image: IMG_0651.jpg]

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